The Clicktrack Mixer will be your new go to for backing tracks. Eliminate the need to carry bulky mixers around with you. This simple mixer is not only small and light weight but comes with it's own mounting spring clamp to fasten on any piece of drum hardware. Forget about the panning, and routing confusion. This simple dedicated mixer makes it easy for anyone to route backing tracks. Simply plug a Y splitter cable into your phone, tablet or playback device and route your 1/4s accordingly. Plug an XLR into the built in DI (Tracks Out) for the house backing, your headphones in and you are ready to rock!

-This mixer has a mono'd headphone output jack so you receive click in both ears!

-This is as simple as it can get. No more panning or faders. One simple knob to control your in ear level.

-Option of running off a 9volt battery.

-This comes with a built in DI box. (Tracks out)

- 6" x 3.5" x 2.5". 

ATTN: 9v Power supply and Y splitter cable is sold separately.

If you need a Y splitter cable or 9v Power Supply you may add them to your order below.

Please allow up to 3 days for processing

Clicktrack Mixer
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