The Studio


All Poetic Audio is a professional, full time audio recording studio located in Scotland, South Dakota.  It has a full Control Room, Live Room, and Isolation Room for plenty of versatility.  The studio also has a Band Suite with complimentary lodging for all bands.  

We specialize in metal, hardcore, metalcore, djent, rock, hardrock, pop punk, and punk genres, but we have experience with all genres.

We use industry standard equipment that is top of the line.  Using our knowledge of sound physics, we have well treated rooms to capture the best sound possible for our clients.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about gear, acoustics, or our experience.


Jeremy Schaeffer

Music has always been my biggest passion.  I have been playing and performing since I was nine.  I went on to create my own projects, writing and recording my creations in my room.  I have been in several bands since high school and have done some touring.  I know the trials and triumphs of being in a band on the road, trying to become successful.

I started recording my own band and friends when I was a Junior in High School.  I went on to study Audio Recording Engineering and graduated with a that degree in 2009.  Shortly after, I started my Audio Recording business in Scotland, South Dakota.

I am continually studying new concepts and techniques in my own music projects and in my audio recording business.  

My passion for music is so intense that it seeps through to everything I do.  I capture every detail for my bands very meticulously in order to create for them their art that is music.


Call/text:  605.660.6741